E-commerce with Next.js for Bevy, the sustainable beverage company .


Bevi Friendly Technologies S.r.l. positions itself as an innovative Milan-based home delivery platform specializing in the distribution of beverages, personal care, and household cleaning products, with a strong commitment to environmental sustainability. Through the website www.bevy-express.com, the company offers a wide range of products, in glass and PET. There are no limits on orders in terms of weight or quantity, and delivery is always made to the required floor, even on the same day, in two-hour time slots.
A distinctive aspect of the company is its "returnable bottle" philosophy: bottles can be reused up to 50 times, significantly reducing environmental impact. The collection of empty containers is managed directly during the delivery of the next order, simplifying the process for customers and promoting responsible consumption practices.

Bevy's business model is based on ease of use and convenience, allowing customers to order online and receive their beverages within a few hours, choosing the delivery time slot that best suits their needs. This approach, combined with a commitment to sustainability, makes the company the ideal partner for those seeking not only convenience but also a more ecological option for beverage purchases.


To replace the current e-commerce site, built on Shopify, with a new customized solution consisting of a back-end built with the Magento CMS, developed internally by the company, and a completely decoupled front-end, built with Next.js, the subject of our collaboration. 

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Innovative shopping experience and advanced features

The website's user interface had to be faithfully reconstructed from the previous website. The shopping experience had to replicate the same advanced features of Bevy's previous backend, including:

  • order management and "reorder" functionality
  • delivery tracking
  • inventory monitoring
  • the returnable bottle system

The challenge was to integrate these components seamlessly, ensuring that changes made to the front-end accurately reflected the logic and capabilities of the existing backend system, without compromising the speed or security of the website.
In addition, the goal included implementing a customization system for users, allowing them to receive recommended products based on preferences and past purchases, thus improving customer engagement and loyalty.


The role of Next.js in platform development

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 We used Next.js for the front-end development of the new e-commerce site. This framework, based on React, was chosen for several key reasons that align perfectly with the project's needs, including performance improvements, search engine optimization (SEO), and the ability to create dynamic and interactive user experiences (UX).

Here's why Next.js was chosen:

  • Server-Side Rendering (SSR) and Static Site Generation (SSG): the framework offers flexibility in page rendering, allowing both SSR and SSG. This optimizes loading speed and efficiency, improves search engine visibility, and ensures a smooth user experience, even with a slow internet connection.
  • Scalability: Bevy's site can easily scale to handle increased traffic, maintaining high performance without compromising speed or the quality of the user experience. This is crucial for a continuously growing e-commerce platform.
  • SEO Optimization: Next.js ensures that content is readily indexable by search engines, essential for increasing Bevy's online visibility and attracting new customers.
  • Ecosystem and Support: The extensive developer community and ongoing support from Vercel, the company behind the framework, ensure access to a wide range of resources, plugins, and integrations, making site development and maintenance easier.


Technological synergy: Integrating Next.js, Magento, and Algolia to revolutionize the e-commerce

The main challenge of the project was to integrate the Next.js frontend with the existing Magento backend provided by the client. Magento is a powerful e-commerce platform responsible for managing critical aspects such as inventory, order management, and logistics. Our solution had to ensure a seamless and reliable connection, allowing the website to leverage the advanced features of e-commerce with the modern and responsive user interface provided by Next.js.

To achieve this integration, we adopted an approach that involves using Magento's RESTful APIs to connect backend data with the Next.js frontend. This method ensures that all interactions between the site and the order management system, inventory, and logistics are synchronized in real time, offering the users a shopping experience without interruptions

To further enhance the user experience, integration with Algolia was implemented to provide instant and personalized search functionality. The search and discovery platform allows users to quickly find the products they want, with real-time suggestions, filtering, and classification of search results. This integration ensures that users can easily navigate Bevy's extensive product catalog, improving engagement and potentially increasing conversions.

In summary, the combination of Next.js, Magento, and Algolia provides a comprehensive technological solution that meets Bevy's business needs, improving operational efficiency, customer experience, and brand visibility in the digital market.

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