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Do you want to create or renew the design of your company logo?

The logo is the starting point of a brand's communication and is also the mirror of its personality. If you are looking for your brand identity, Archibuzz could provide the right solution for you! 

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Logo Design

Give your business the right personality

The logo is the set of words, colors, images and graphic elements that represent the name and visual identity of a company. It is essential to promote who you are and what you do.

Through the logo you communicate your mission and the values ​​you want to convey.
In addition, with a recognizable logo that is different from the others, you increase the prestige of your brand and trust in users.

The first impact is fundamental: a coherent and well-designed image immediately generates a strong perception of quality. Users are more incentivized to browse your site, app or e-commerce to find out and purchase the products and services you sell.

We design customized and effective logos for any business

Designing a logo does not only mean working on the aesthetics of a brand but also, and above all, defining its personality and analyzing those of competitors, the reference market and the target.

The target? To obtain a professional result, impactful and in line with your marketing goals.

Concept and creation of a logo design:
our method


First meeting with the customer

Have you just started a new business, or do you want to give your brand identity a new life? During our first meeting, we talk about your project and your goals.


Brand analysis and benchmarking

We analyze your business and carry out a market and competitor analysis to find ideas and solutions in line with your needs.


Choice of name and payoff

Does your brand not have a definitive name yet? We'll think about it. We study with you a name and a tailor-made payoff: we work through word games, sounds, different meanings and languages.


Logo creation

Let's proceed with the creation of your custom logo. We use different styles, fonts, colors and graphic elements and make you different proposals. You will be the one to guide us.


Preparation of online and offline material

We adapt your corporate communication to the new brand identity. We can also make various types of materials - packaging, catalogs, business cards, brochures, etc.

You already have a logo: why should you think about its restyling?

Even when it comes to an already established brand, the logo must be able to adapt to new products and represent the company in a contemporary way. 

Has your company been active for many years? Over time, the type of production or target customers may have changed. Any modification or addition to it deserves to be well publicized through a logo suitable to reflect it in its present.

Sometimes choosing a different graphic or color may be enough. Our UX / UI designers are also involved in studying the psychology of colors: each shade is full of meanings and conveys certain emotions.


Why choose our team?

100% original logos

Each of our work is designed starting from you. We evaluate every detail together and ask for your feedback during each phase of the work.

Direct communication

You can contact us at any time for any doubt or request. Email us, call us at the office or come and visit us at our headquarters in Turin!

Experience and training

Since 2012 we have been looking for the best solutions and digital alchemies for each of our customers. Over the years, we have continued to train to keep up with the times and with all the latest news on the web.

Not just logo design

We work as a team. Ours is a Digital Agency made up of different professionals: web developers, UX / UI designers and digital marketing specialists. Take a look at all our services.

Realize your ideas with us

Do you want to give your brand a strong, impactful and current visual identity?

Archibuzz can design your logo.
Convey the true values ​​of your company through images to become memorable and stand out from others.

We are in Turin, but we work together with clients from all over Italy.
Let's talk about your project together!