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Towards a connected digital ecosystem

To overcome the challenges and seize the great opportunities that today's market presents, it is necessary that all the components of your company's digital ecosystem are interconnected. This applies above all to the company's website, the epicenter of all marketing and communication activities: its integration with social networks is essential, to reach the largest number of users and create engagement. But this is only the beginning. Do you often download data from one system, to upload it to another, perhaps after manual processing and reformatting operations? How long does this operation steal from you? How likely is human error in this process?

How does it work?

The job is to make different applications talk to each other safely. Your eCommerce site may automatically synchronize the availability and prices of the products on sale from the ERP, automatically download photos of the products from external services, send the data of the customers who register to the CRM and the details of each order to the management system. It is unlikely that all these systems speak the same language: our goal is to make this happen in a simple, rational and reliable way, helping your business to be leaner and more efficient. To achieve the goal, we use the most suitable tools, technologies and protocols from time to time: JSON, XML or CSV as the format of the data exchanged. AJAX, REST, SOAP, CURL, RSYNC, or other options for obtaining, sending, transferring or synchronizing data between the various systems.

Our experience in System Integration

Tell us what you want to integrate with what: if we have not already done so, you will help increase the list of integrations we have made.


  • Facebook API
  • Twitter API
  • YouTube API
  • Vimeo API
  • DailyMotion API
  • Google API

Other services

  • Hotel booking / Channel Manager (WooBook, MyAllocator)
  • Icecast
  • PayPal


  • ERP
  • Management
  • Mobile APP

How can we help you?

Are you dreaming of an automated and simplified system, but you don't know if what you have in mind is achievable and how? Our system integration specialists at the Turin office are at your disposal to listen to your needs, analyze the context and present you with a clear and risk-free path to achieving the goal.


Contacts .

If you want more detailed information on the services we offer, on how we can help you grow your online business, or if you simply want to tell us your ideas and compare yourself with us ... write us!