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You can find us in Piazza De Amicis, Turin. Come say “hi” and find out if there's the right feeling for a collaboration!

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We still make coffee with a mocha, and it's never missing in our office.

Our values

Why choose us

Our goal is to help your business to create value. We’re inclusive by nature, and we like to focus on the differences which contribute to make your value proposition unique.
Archibuzz riunione
Every new customer is an opportunity for mutual enrichment. We don’t know the absolute truth: the path must be decided together.
We believe in transparency. We don’t make promises if we can’t keep them, we value your opinion in every step of the project.
Archibuzz uffici
Archibuzz al lavoro
We like to be sustainable not only from an environmental point of view, but also from a social point of view: our long-term goal is to have a positive impact on the community.
We like to share a little piece of the journey with you. Our team is always ready to listen to you, we are enthusiastic and constantly training!
Archibuzz orti
Each path has particular characteristics and requires a targeted solution: before we start, we collect ideas, and then start with a plan tailored to the needs of your business.

Nice to meet you

Our team

Maddalena Ruffato Web Developer
Maddalena Ruffato

Software Developer

Mariagiulia Scarcelli Archibuzz web developer
Mariagiulia Scarcelli

Software Developer

Mariapia Conversano UX / UI / Graphic & Design
Mariapia Conversano

Partner & Head of Design

Giorgio Tesse Head of Technology
Giorgio Tesse

Partner & Head of Technology

Paola Vendrame Design & Strategy
Paola Vendrame

Partner & Creative Director

Andrea Villella Web Developer
Andrea Villella

Software Developer

Mael Chiabrera Web Developer
Mael Chiabrera

Software Developer

Francesca Castelletti
Francesca Castelletti

Digital Solutions Consultant

Stefano Bernardini Web Developer
Stefano Bernardini

Software Developer

Niccolò Prencipe Digital Marketing
Niccolò Prencipe

Digital Campaign Strategist

Michele Pavlenco Web Developer
Michele Pavlenco

Software Developer

Hajar Najafi Web Developer
Hajar Najafi

Software Developer

Alice Febbraro Operations
Alice Febbraro

Administration and Grants Officer

Naomi Di Blasi UX/UI Designer
Naomi Di Blasi

Digital Creativity Designer

Viola Bongini ux ui designer
Viola Bongini

Digital Experience Designer

Giulia Madau Web Marketing Specialist
Giulia Madau

Head of Digital Marketing

Filippo Chiariglione Founder & CEO
Filippo Chiariglione

Partner & CEO

I nostri progetti

Abbiamo collaborato con

la dante logo
Museo Nazionale del cinema
Casa di carità arti e mestieri
Biblioteca Nazionale Università di Torino
Archivio Giorgio Griffa
Città metropolitana di Venezia


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