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Do you want to enhance your brand with a personalized app?

Our iOS and Android mobile app development service allows you to build customer loyalty, increase sales and stand out in the market.

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Mobile app development

Creation of custom-made apps for any project

Archibuzz, which is also a Google partner, is a Digital Agency specialized in the development of apps for smartphones and tablets. We create completely customized apps, tailor-made for your business, able to connect and exchange data with any application already used by your company: website, ERP, CRM, custom portals, social networks, etc.

Mobile app development with React Native

Our Digital Agency in Turin deals with the development of 100% custom made apps, fast and easy to use.

We use React Native, an open-source framework for mobile applications created by Meta (the company that includes Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp). With this technology, we create fast and reliable native apps for Android and iOS operating systems in a single codebase.

Advantages of React Native

Single Codebase

Single Codebase

We create applications in the same codebase for both Android and iOS operating systems. Thanks to React Native, the development, maintenance and evolution costs of the mobile app are lower, and go-live times are incredibly shorter.

100% custom made

100% custom made

You can customize your app in every aspect to stand out from all competitors. 



Any component can be made by extending existing components.

Reliable and future-proof

Reliable and future-proof

The same technology has been used by thousands of the most popular apps. It is very likely that most of the apps installed on your phone, the ones you use most often, have been developed on React. It is a technology destined to remain on the crest of the wave for the next few years.

Fast problem solving

Fast problem solving

Since it is the most popular app framework, React Native also boasts the support of a large community. The latter provides quick fixes to any bugs that may arise in its Javascript libraries in the future.

How mobile app development works:
our method


Analysis, listening, dialogue

First, we listen carefully to your idea and, together, we analyze it thoroughly. During this first phase, we talk to you step by step to design your ideal app together.


You receive the proposal

We build a detailed report that can show how the final result will be, and we provide you with an accurate cost estimate.


Wireframe creation

We project the wireframe. It is a real model that will show you the graphic structure of the app.



Together with you, we come to define a complete project, based on shared ideas and strategies. Our teamwork continues with the development phase of the app code.


Bug testing and research

At this point, the development of the mobile app is almost complete. Let's proceed by testing the app in all its features in order to search for any system bugs and fix them.


Deployment and ASO

After completing the tests, we publish the app on the Google and Apple stores. We also take care of the App Store Optimization (ASO) to increase its visibility for users in the stores.

And afterwards?

The team of our Digital Agency is made up of developers, visual designers and digital marketing experts.

We can help you launch the project within the market and continue to follow you in everything you need.

We suggest all the latest market news and possible implementations for your project. We always stay up to date, and we also want your app to continue to be an innovative tool.

Why choose our team?

Dalla A alla Z

We provide you with a complete service: we take care of everything you need to build and promote your app.

Many years of experience in mobile app development

If you want an app that yields more than the investment made, you need to rely on a team of professionals who have already developed successful mobile apps.

Continuous training

Each of our applications is preceded by in-depth analyzes and studies.
In addition, we always keep up to date on the latest technologies in order to provide you with a cutting-edge tool in line with market trends.

Tailored for you

We create 100% custom apps: you won't find others similar to yours.

App Store Optimization

Our apps are incredibly easy to find in the Stores. In fact, we take care of the App Store Optimization (ASO) to ensure that they appear among the first results.

Maintenance, assistance, support

Even once the development of the mobile app is finished, we remain by your side for any type of request and need. We will follow you to keep your app always active and functional.

Direct communication

We establish a confidential and trusting relationship with our clients.
For any questions, problems or requests, you can contact us at any time before, during and after the development of the project.


There is no default price; the technology we use certainly allows our customers to save money. In fact, we use React Native, a framework that allows you to create native apps for iOS and Android with a single codebase.
The cost of developing a mobile app varies according to the complexity of the work. Among the most importants, there are the type of app you want to develop, the operating systems, the infrastructure and the backend, the design and functionality. In addition, after the development, there are other activities that should be considered: publishing the app on the Stores, promotion and maintenance to keep it constantly updated. All operations that our Agency decides together with its customers. Each choice is evaluated on the basis of the marketing strategy you want to adopt and the budget you have at your disposal.

As well as costs, the production times of an app also vary according to the complexity of the work. The development can take from a few weeks to a few months of work, also considering the time it takes to define the app. These concern the different phases of analysis and comparison between our team and the customer to decide all the different functions of the system. In addition, the times for creating and approving content for the Stores (titles, descriptions, images, videos and banners) must also be taken into consideration.
Archibuzz uses React Native, an open-source framework that can be scaled and remodeled over time, as needed. Thanks to this technology, the production times are significantly reduced. In fact, React allows you to create apps for iOS and Android operating systems with a single codebase.

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