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Our SEO consulting service helps you generate qualified organic traffic, improve brand awareness, increase sales and outperform competitors.

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SEO – Ottimizzazione per motori di ricerca

Definition of the SEO strategy that best suits your needs

The team of our Digital Agency in Turin studies with you the strategic approach necessary to improve the indexing and positioning of your website.
We carry out analysis and SEO Audits, onpage and offpage optimizations, One Shot or continuous consultancy and we create timely reports of the results obtained and the activities carried out.

SEO techniques and tools we work with

Let's start with the health of the website and the analysis of its competitors.

We use professional software that allows you to monitor the positioning of the sites and the progress made. This operation is essential. In fact, it helps to understand what are the factors that penalize a brand and how you can optimize a site to be able to beat the competition.

Below are the advantages of using these tools during our SEO consultations.


SEO tools: vantaggi principali

 Keyword Tracking

Keyword Tracking

A site without a keyword is like a stopped clock. The SEO tools allow you to search and group keywords to be added to site pages. In addition, they also track their positioning on the web and make it possible to obtain specific data on the search volumes of individual countries, regions or cities

Website auditing

Website auditing

The complete audit of the website allows you to obtain information on any problems to be solved or aspects to be improved in order to increase the ranking as much as possible

Competitor research and analysis

Competitor research and analysis

The competition analysis is functional to improving the visibility of a website. With the SEO tools we get a complete list of the different competitors, useful for analyzing their activity and the keywords for which they are well positioned

Quantifiable progress

Quantifiable progress

We can also compare the metrics for each individual page, link or resource and the results of the Site Audits over time

Customizable settings

Customizable settings

There is a report generator function, which allows you to set reports of activities carried out and progress made in manual or automatic / scheduled mode. You can change its settings and parameters according to your needs and requirements

How SEO consultancy works:
our method


Confrontation with the customer

The first meeting is useful for us to understand the needs and requirements of the client. Our team is ready to listen to your ideas and find the right solution to achieve your goals.


Website analysis

The second step is undoubtedly the analysis of the website's performance aimed at identifying the technical and content issues that affect positioning. At the same time, we study your competitors and your market sector, to develop with you the right SEO strategy for your business.


Definition of the SEO Strategy

During our SEO consultancy, we work together to define the strategy that best suits your goals and budget. We make some proposals and we decide with you which ones to put into practice, which ones to discard or replace and which are the priority jobs to be carried out.


On page SEO optimizations

We identify with you the most relevant keywords for your content. Secondly, we optimize the pages of your website to rank it among the top results in search engines. The goal is always the same; we want to increase the authority of the site and make it SEO Friendly


Positioning and link building

We identify the best sites on the web based on the reference keywords and your target audience. The goal is to obtain quality backlinks for your website, so as to increase its authority as perceived by search engines and improve its organic positioning.


Goal reporting and tracking

Once the work is completed, or even in progress, we provide you with a detailed report containing the activities carried out and the objectives achieved.

How long does it take to get the desired results?

An SEO consultancy guarantees solid and lasting results over time. Reaching your goals, however, is not immediate. To position yourself among the first results of the SERP it is necessary to evaluate a number of important factors. These include the type of website you own, the competition and the keywords you have chosen.

After the first months or the first weeks, depending on the intensity of the work done, you can begin to see the first results. To further improve and reach the top, it is necessary to continue investing in the different SEO activities that we have listed above.

Why choose our SEO consultancy?

Listening and sharing ideas from the first meeting

The first meeting is essential. It helps us to get to know you, and it helps you to understand if we are really the Digital Agency you are looking for.

You can choose between different consulting packages

We can provide you with the type of advice you prefer or a mix of multiple solutions: from One Shot projects to total coaching in every SEO activity.

We find tailor made solutions for every business

Does your business need a particular service, declined in a certain way? Do not worry. Ask us for information, we will find the right mix for you.

A team of experts at your service

Our consultants are experts in Digital Marketing, SEO Writing, Social Media, SEO Analytics and much more. Together with us, you have an entire team ready to collaborate with you.

Clarity and punctuality

We never leave our customers alone: ​​we work with seriousness, precision and punctuality, careful not to take even the smallest detail for granted. We want to be as clear and transparent as possible, to allow you to make the best choice for your business.


SEO is an English acronym for "Search Engine Optimization". It consists of a set of strategies aimed at improving the position of websites in search engines and, therefore, their visibility. The optimization concerns various components of the site: general structure, URL, inbound and outbound links, HTML code and textual content.

The duration of our SEO consultancy depends on your goals. We can give you complete and continuous support in every activity or we can do a One Shot consultancy during which we solve all the criticalities of your site that affect its ranking on search engines.

The cost of an SEO consultancy varies according to its duration. During our first meeting we can talk about your needs and establish a tailor made marketing plan structured on the basis of your project.

The SEO tools are software that allow you to perform the SEO Audit, which is the analysis of the performance of websites on search engines. Our SEO specialists use them to solve all the critical issues that affect the ranking of the sites, thus increasing their visibility and the possibility of receiving visits and obtaining a greater number of conversions.

The perfect SEO Strategy for you is just around the corner

Give your business a twist, large, medium or small: with our SEO consultancy, achieving better results is easier.

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