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Web Application Development

What is a web app?

A web app is an application software that runs on a web server. This is the main difference from mobile apps, which are designed for a specific platform, such as iOS or Android.

They have some features in common with mobile apps, and are therefore often confused with them. Web applications, however, unlike mobile, are accessible via browser. They are in fact generally coded in JavaScript, HTML or CSS, which run programs through Firefox, Chrome, Brave, Edge, Opera. etc

Furthermore, web apps adapt to any type of device, do not need to be downloaded or installed and are not native to a particular system.

Compared to a website, what changes is the interaction of users. A website has a predominantly informative purpose, with a limited level of interaction. A web application, on the other hand, aims to allow users to perform actions through a graphical interface.

Web application development with Drupal, WordPress and React.j

We develop our web applications through Drupal, WordPress and React.js software.

Drupal is an extremely flexible Open Source CMS and also an exceptional development framework. It is also the best choice for business web applications that require very complex design.

WordPress is also a very powerful Open Source CMS, as well as being the best known and used by companies and individuals.

On the other hand, React.js is a JavaScript library used to build complex user interfaces. It is a very flexible and efficient framework developed by Facebook and used, for example, to build the web version of Instagram. In addition to having a growing community, it is also appreciated by internationally renowned companies such as AirBnB, Netflix, Uber and Paypal.

Developing a web application:
our method


First meeting

Let's talk together about your project, your business and your goals, and let's start structuring our work.


Analysis and benchmarking

Before anything else, we analyze your brand, its target and its competitors.


Receive the proposal

We send you a report containing the details of our collaboration and a detailed description of the project.


Wireframe creation

Let's start designing the wireframe: through our drafts you will be able to see how your web app will be structured once developed.



Once you have achieved the result you want, we proceed with the development of the web application.



We carry out all the necessary tests and, once everything is done, we publish your new platform.

And afterwards?

Our work does not end there.

Our Digital Agency is at your disposal to work with you to build a loyal community of users. We can take care of your Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Digital PR and we can offer you customized SEO consultancy.

Do you want to create advertising campaigns promoting the publication of your web app? We can take care of designing and managing professional Google Ads campaigns with an original creativity based on your knowledge and our skills.


Why choose Archibuzz?

From A to Z

Ours is a complete and totally custom-made service; we support you in the development of your web application in all its phases and we design softwares tailored to our clients’ business.


Our team has the necessary experience to create professional and successful web apps; we have been working since 2012 to meet the needs of all our customers.

Maintenance, assistance, support

We provide you with all the assistance you need. We can take care of the maintenance of your web app even once the online procedure has been completed.

UX/UI designers

Our experts in User Experience and User Interface design study with you the optimal flow that the user will have to take within the web app.


Web applications are generally based on a network model called client / server. The clients are software of low complexity, which only work as the interface of the server. The servers are the real "machine" of the system because they function as a processing and management center for information traffic and provide any type of service to the clients. In web apps, clients manage interaction with users while servers perform required operations and provide clients with appropriate responses.

The final cost of the service for creating a web application varies according to the complexity of the design and development work. In addition, after the deployment, there are other activities that can be added to the quote, at the customer's discretion (such as, for example, the promotion of the platform and its maintenance to keep it up to date). Our Digital Agency evaluates each choice based on the customer's needs.

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