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Progettiamo e sviluppiamo applicazioni web con elevate esigenze di design, user interaction e personalizzazione, per massimizzare l'engagement e semplificare la comunicazione.

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Website or web application?

What is the difference between the two? Although in some cases the boundary is blurred, what differentiates a web application from a website is interaction. A website has primarily an informational purpose: user interaction is limited to requesting pages in succession. A web application has the main purpose of allowing the user to perform actions.

Designing a web application

The design of a web application usually requires additional skills compared to the design of a website. First of all, it is essential to identify the users to whom it is addressed, the actions that can be carried out, who can perform them (permissions, roles), with which devices (web browser, app), what the result must be in the various cases that may arise. The optimal and intuitive path that facilitates each user in carrying them out, the tools and controls to interact with the system (buttons, effects, transitions) must be studied, giving evidence of the action that is about to take place and a clear feedback following the action. The development of a web application has security, performance and scalability implications. Archibuzz provides an effective management of the whole process: from requirements gathering, design, development according to agile methodology, up to deployment and maintenance over time, whatever the ambitions of the project are. With competence and passion, involving you in every step.

Examples of web applications

And lastly ... the most important: your unique and original project that you want to have online as soon as possible!

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  • Customized management / ERP platforms
  • Complex eCommerce platforms
  • Dedicated / DAM / MAM video management platforms
  • Server-side platforms for app interactions
  • Collaboration platforms, document sharing, reserved areas
  • CRM tailored for specific businesses
  • Platforms oriented towards lead acquisition and end-user engagement
  • Platforms integrated with third-party services
  • Web services that expose interfaces (API)
  • Intranet portals
  • Enterprise CMS


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