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Tell us about your project

Entrust your site to a partner specialized in DRUPAL

Dozens of Drupal sites developed, hosted on our servers and grown over the years have taught us how to make the most of the potential of this fantastic CMS. We are not really a hosting provider, but when it comes to a Drupal site our servers and know-how are at your disposal. The service is aimed at all customers who have relied on our Drupal site development service, and those who already have an externally developed Drupal site and want to evolve the project with a specialized partner, placing it on our servers. Our goal is to free you from the tasks related to the security, updates and performance of the site, so that you can focus on the business aspects of the project.

Features of the Drupal Hosting service

Hosting is provided on high-performance physical servers residing in extremely reliable data centers located on the main international backbones of TLC in Italy and Europe. The servers are managed entirely by Archibuzz, and are designed to ensure that our developers can make updates, changes and extensions to websites quickly and with sustainable costs. Based on the nature of your Drupal site (standard, eCommerce, web application, etc.) and the ambitions of the project we are able to offer scalable hosting solutions with the following characteristics:

  1. Dedicated area on one of our servers & nbsp; optimized for hosting and Drupal maintenance
  2. Unlimited traffic
  3. MySQL database optimized for Drupal sites
  4. Redundant daily backup
  5. Variable disk space according to the needs of the project
  6. E-mail boxes
  7. Dedicated or shared IP address
  8. Mitigation in the event of DoS and Slowloris attacks
  9. Daily anti-malware scan
  10. Remote troubleshooting support

Do you have a special project? Choose an AQUIA partner

For projects characterized by stringent requirements (Enterprise Drupal, Government, Large Retail, etc.), Archibuzz as Acquia partner can assist you in migrating the site to Acquia Cloud, the top Drupal hosting platform in terms of reliability, uptime, security, scalability, continuous development & amp; integration.

This is how we operate

Here is what we do when you decide to migrate your site to us:

  1. We ask you for an archive of the files that make up the site, and the database
  2. Based on the needs of the project, we offer you the most suitable Drupal hosting solution
  3. We scan all site files to make sure that the site code does not contain malware, viruses or other surprises
  4. We install the site, update Drupal Core and all the modules that make up the site.
  5. We put the site online, supporting you if necessary in all DNS configurations
  6. We install and configure a series of Drupal modules dedicated to safety and performance improvement.
  7. We carry out an analysis of the site and report any critical issues to be resolved and possible optimizations.

Many customers and agencies have chosen us as partners with which to continue, complete and grow problematic or particularly complex Drupal projects. With Archibuzz your Drupal site is in good hands and you can focus on what matters most: the commercial success of the project. Contact us now and we will provide you with a free and no-obligation quote.


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