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Do you want your application to appear among the first results of the Stores?

Make your app easily discoverable by target users. Our App Store Optimization (ASO) service aims to maximize the views of your application on the Android and iOS Stores. And it also helps you to increase clicks and downloads.

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App store optimization

We optimize your app

After the development of your mobile app, the team of our Digital Agency in Turin also takes care of its publication in the iOS and Android Stores. Whatever your project is, we will enhance it as much as possible together, working to promote it in an optimal way. 

App Store Optimization on-page e off-page

There are two main ranking factors on which we work that affect the visibility of the app:

• ASO on-page: activities related to the optimization of the pages in the Stores. Tag Title, Tag H, URL, app name, description, keywords, icons and images of the app must be designed to be in line with the goals of the project;

• ASO off-page: monitoring of ratings, reviews, downloads, authority, reliability (crash rate) and sharing of the app by users.

How ASO works: our method


Analysis of the app and competitors

The work begins already during the study and development phase of the app: we carry out a market analysis to find its main competitors.


Keyword research

Next, we research the keywords that are most relevant to your business. We evaluate the search volumes of each keyword and discuss with you before choosing.


Store-based optimization

We insert the keywords within the content that we publish on the Stores. We optimize the texts in order to improve the positioning of the app for the chosen keywords.


Choice of images

Images are the first thing users see when they browse the Stores. For this reason, they need to be original and unique


Monitoring and updating

App Store Optimization is a job that we carry out even after your app is published. We can monitor its performance and update it based on changes in the ranking algorithms.

What is the difference between SEO and ASO?

Our team is made up of SEO experts and ASO experts.
The two strategies have some elements in common such as, for example, keyword research, text optimization and the choice of original titles.
However, unlike SEO, ASO requires in-depth knowledge of the algorithms of the Apple and Google Stores, which are different from those of the search engines. It is also necessary to carry out more work on the visual and multimedia elements within the application. In fact, they determine in most cases the user's choice to download your app instead of another.
That's why the App Store Optimization job couldn't be done by someone who's just a SEO expert.

Why choose Archibuzz?

We are a team of creatives and developers

Our Digital Agency is composed of web and app developers, UX / UI designers and digital marketing specialists. We work together to design, publish, optimize and promote your app. During our first meeting, we will evaluate together what kind of work to do according to your needs.

We design a customized ASO strategy with you

Our strategy is also yours. We always develop tailor made solutions structured on your goals and on the qualities of your business.

We write clear, complete and well-structured texts

An optimized text, besides containing the most relevant keywords for the brand of which it speaks, must also be well structured and easy to read. It is not a purely technical job; you need to know the linguistic mechanisms well and find the right tone of voice for each client.

We choose the right icon through A / B testing

The right icon is the one that passes the verification test. It is called A / B testing and consists of creating multiple variations of icons to find out which is the most popular with users.

We help you reach an international market

Would you like your app to reach an even wider audience? We can translate it into English and work on the new optimization of texts and images in the Stores. To do this, we take into consideration all the cultural factors that can affect the positive evaluation of your app.

We can help you promote the app

Before and after your new app goes online, we can help you promote it. We are experts in Digital Promotion and Social Media Marketing. We help you find the best strategy to make yourself known online and offline.


App Store Optimization (ASO) is a set of mobile application optimization techniques. It is useful to position the Apps in the first search results of dedicated stores. The main goal of all ASO activities is to grow the visibility of applications on the stores, so as to increase their traffic and downloads.

There are several App Store Optimization strategies; we list those used by our team of experts. First of all, we perform an in-depth analysis of your brand and competitors, in order to have a complete overview of the market sector in which your company fits. Then, we search for relevant keywords for your app and choose the most relevant ones. The keywords selected will be inserted within the texts in the Store (titles and descriptions). We use only high quality images and create an original icon, able to reflect your business; we implement a review strategy, etc. There are other useful tools for analyzing the performance of apps in the stores; we use them all to find out how to improve their ranking more and more.

Beat all your competition

A well-optimized app appears among the top search results on the App Store and Google Play Store. We can help you improve its ranking so that your target users can immediately find you.

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