Digital rebranding and development of new Drupal website for E.C.B. srl .


E.C.B. srl is a Piedmontese company that has been dedicated to the development of electronics, software, and equipment for industrial testing for over 30 years, serving sectors ranging from medical to automotive, offering custom solutions to an international array of clients.


Rethink the corporate communication of E.C.B. srl through the design and development of a website in Drupal, devising a graphical and textual language that could blend tradition and future.

E.C.B. srl aimed to renew its communication, while maintaining the fundamental values that have guided the company since its founding.

The revisiting of the brand identity was the first step: tailored patterns and graphics were designed based on the hexagonal shape of the logo and on blue, which have always been present in the company's history, but inserted in a renewed stylistic approach.

ECB website opening

The redesign and development of the website in Drupal 10 was the crucial aspect of the rebranding process. The platform was designed to highlight the company's distinctive features, emphasizing the concept of custom solutions and helping to consolidate its perception as a unique partner in the industry. 
In addition to a graphical update, the website was structured to offer an intuitive and engaging user experience: an in-depth analysis of industries and products was required, and these were organized and presented in a way that allowed users to easily explore different areas of interest.

ECB sectors

The synergy between our team and the client E.C.B. srl ensured that a new image was given to the company, generating a brand identity that was updated but respectful of its origins.

Rebranding: why?

Rebranding is an excellent tool to reaffirm, reposition, or simply strengthen one's presence in the market.
The reasons why a company resorts to it are manifold:

  • Reflect significant changes within its own business 
  • Improve one's image or position oneself more attractively to the target audience
  • Expand into new markets or introduce new products or services
  • Renew brand identity to remain competitive in a fast-changing marketplace
  • Attract new audience segments or markets.

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