SEO consulting to start your international e-commerce

SEO consulting to start your international e-commerce

Are you about to start an e-commerce business abroad? Let’s discover the importance of SEO consulting to improve the organic visibility of your site.

The international e-commerce market is growing strongly, with almost 30% of all business-to-consumer transactions worldwide. Many companies are therefore facing every day with the great challenge of making themselves known globally. In this perspective, SEO consulting is one of the recommended solutions in order not to waste time and money unnecessarily. 

In general, SEO is important as it allows you to position your business well on search engines, increase traffic to the site and in-store, as well as make yourself known inside international markets. Here are the elements that should not be neglected.

- the preference of organic results over paid ads (about 80% of clicks come from organic visibility);

- the creation of new content for blogs, with a focus on new trends;

- content distribution, preferably interactive or with infographics.

Those who work with seo consulting know very well the rules of the international market, so in order to practice an e-commerce at these levels, it is necessary to detach oneself from the italian model.

The contents therefore become one of the strengths, which is why good SEO consulting could prove to be an excellent choice. The contents must be inherent, contextualized and must have an added value, something that about 60% of the contents of 1500 major international brands do not have today. When you have a global audience, any expert will say that one of the main aspects is translation, or transliteration, preferably made by a native speaker.


To do it right, you must first understand the market on which is best to operate on. You can do it by monitoring the traffic on your site through the use of Google Analytics. Once the country of interest has been identified, you can proceed with the localization activity - the drafting of a list of search terms - thanks to Google Market Finder. In this way you can understand the language used for the search, not the one spoken locally. In fact, one of the most common mistakes is to think that a language like English can be used for all foreign markets. It is wrong, for example you could find out that in certain contexts it is a secondary or even tertiary language, therefore an English site will be destined not to give the desired results. The last step is to adapt the content to the country of reference and understand which products you need to focus on.


During a SEO consulting one often discusses the choice of the domain and the hrefLang as they are fundamental for the positioning of a site based on the language or the country. Among the main domain options there are .com, .org, .edu, .gov, .eu and others, but not all of them are equally effective. In fact, only a good consultant knows the most convenient ones for an e-commerce site and avoids the most used, .com. The hrefLang tag, which indicates the language of the page, must also be positioned correctly so that the search engine can understand the right sites to propose each time a search is carried out.

Our team of SEO consulting experts will be able to follow you step by step in improving your site. Our goal will be making your international e-commerce effective in a short time; contact us for a quote!