seo consulting and the importance of keyword research

SEO consulting and the importance of keyword research

A fundamental step during a SEO consulting is definitely keyword research: today we explore together the advantages of this useful tool.

Who has a company needs to be present online and to get an important visibility on a credible and authoritative showcase: the SERP (ie, the pages of Google search results). But how do you position yourself? This is not a simple and immediate practice, but, on the contrary, there are many factors that contribute to the positioning of a site on search engines. At the base of all this there is an integrated web marketing strategy that takes into account the needs of the SEO. The first step? No doubt the keyword search.

Keyword research really has a key role that will determine the positioning of a website in the future and, consequently, also its organic online visibility. We believe that focusing on effective keyword research is a great investment of time when doing SEO consulting. Today we delve into some aspects of it.


The initial search and definition of the core business


Listening to the customer and being able to identify the core business of a company and its objectives are the first steps towards the first page of Google. 

On the basis of these considerations, it will be up to us web marketing specialists to select valid keywords. What characteristics should they have? First, they must be relevant to the company’s concept, but also relevant to the final goal and with significant research volumes.

The SEO consulting services: the analysis of competitors


Before taking action and starting to select the keyword to use it is good to look around and consider the actions of competitors. The ideal situation would be to focus on keyword long tail (or specific keywords, composed of different terms), with little competition, but it is not always possible if the online market niche taken into account is already saturated.
If the keyword difficulty is high, during a SEO consulting, will take a look at how the SERP presents itself to evaluate where we can go to insert ourselves. If the first places are already occupied by industry excellences with important budgets and who have long presided over the market, it is better to look for other keywords to focus on.

A latent semantic analysis, which consists in using synonyms or terms similar to keywords already used by other competitors, but which nevertheless have relevant research volumes, may be useful. An example? For a travel agency to work on the keyword "travel to Bolivia" or "tour to Bolivia" can make a difference. If in fact the first one is a bit difficult because of the important research volumes, the second one can prove to be a winning strategic choice.


The Site Audit


An action not to be underestimated during a SEO consulting is the analysis of the site on which we must work. The health of a web platform in SEO perspective is an aspect that is considered by Google’s algorithm for ranking. For this reason it is good that the site is well optimized both on-site, and on-page (it is optimizations on the site in the first case, and on the content in the second).


Keyword selection and strategy


After the first 3 steps of SEO consulting, we are ready to select a few keywords, always remembering what our final goal is. If we want to make brand awareness because we own a blog that hosts advertising, and therefore wants to monetize through traffic, we will use generic keywords, with many search volumes. If instead we are trying to position an e-commerce site that aims to sell its products online we prefer long-tailed keywords with a few volumes of research but highly relevant and relevant. In this way we will avoid users not interested and we will address directly to potential customers, already entered in our "funnel".

An example could be the selection of keywords with indication of the place of interest, as in the case that we report below.

selection of keyword


Integration of keyword research into a web marketing strategy


SEO, as it is underlined in a SEO consulting, is one of the many channels to integrate into a web marketing strategy combined with paid adv campaigns and link building campaigns.

Sponsorships offer immediate results compared to those you get with SEO. 
The disadvantage? If we rely only on adv conversions could fall dramatically at the end of the budget. Instead, getting organic traffic from a well-located site means not being tied to a monthly budget, but it takes time and 

In addition, investing in SEO optimization means investing in our site, which we can ideally imagine as our home. In contrast, campaigns hosted by external platforms such as Google and Facebook Ads can be controlled to a certain extent.



Tracking and monitoring


Let’s never forget a fundamental aspect of SEO consulting: performance analysis. After selecting the best keyword for the business can not miss the tracking of placements
Knowing if the trend of positioning a site for interesting search terms is positive or negative, of course, helps to understand how to move forward, whether to maintain the same strategy or change it.

trend of positioning


Risks and cannibalisation of keywords


During the monitoring phase it is necessary to understand for which pages we are positioning and with which keyword, not all pages have the same importance. It takes professional SEO consulting and constant monitoring to understand how to manage and carry forward the strategy identified initially and avoid incurring penalties or keyword cannibalization (when two pages of the same site compete in positioning for the same keyword).

Would you like to improve the positioning of your website? Contact us and book your SEO consulting: we will advise you based on your business needs and your needs.