Website Development in Wordpress for Making Movies & Events .

In the last period we have dealt with the development of the website for Making Movies & Events, a reality in Turin active in the film industry. Specifically, the company deals with the production of audiovisual projects, location research, casting and crewing, post-production and events. 

The founders of the activity have turned to us of Archibuzz for the realization of a website that could better enclose the eclecticism and the versatility that characterizes their business.

Starting from the logo design, our graphics have played on the camera, undisputed symbol of the seventh art, inserting inside the letters "M" and "K". The colors of the logo (red and black) are reproduced in the main menu, to give an idea of cohesion and harmony.

The goal, in the creation of the brand identity and the site, was to tell the many years of experience and the great passion for the cinema that distinguishes their work. Over the years, the team of Making Movies & Events has enriched its portfolio working as a service for prestigious customers and renowned film productions.

As for the colors, for the site we bet a lot on the color contrast / black and white. Within the services menu, the photos, initially in black and white, become in color as the cursor passes. The fonts we used have a clean and minimal cut.

For the development of the website we used the CMS Wordpress, which allowed us to create an elegant and at the same time intuitive and simple to manage interface. From back-end it is possible to add new locations, upload contents or update existing ones easily and independently.

From the point of view of user experience, the structure of the site is linear and immediate, to make the pages easily accessible to users. In a few clicks it is possible to access all the services offered by the company, thanks also to the insertion of sliders in the subpages.

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