Website development for Objective .

Objective is an IT company, with several branches in Germany, which offers cutting-edge solutions for autonomous vehicles, driver assistance systems, high-precision positioning and innovative applications for the smart city.

Founded in 1998, this important entrepreneurial reality went beyond the German borders in 2016, opening a branch in Turin and is now preparing to expand with new offices in Europe.
In conjunction with this ambitious growth plan, Objective asked our team to develop a site capable of giving order and rationality to the multiple information that the company wants to convey.
It also needed to be graphically appealing, capable of expressing the innovative and highly technological value of the products produced by the company.

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The site was created using CMS Wordpress; using a child-theme, it was possible to customize and create specific templates to clearly view the news, job offers and company projects.
Moreover, by using that type of CMS, it is possible to quickly find the content you need using the different filters we have implemented.
In particular, each project in which the company participated, was combined with an identity card that was able to immediately show the user, its characteristics and trivia.


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