Tecknoimport: Drupal website development .

Since 1999 Tecknoimport is a leader in the delivery of technical materials made of a conglomerate of quartz and porcelain gres, perfect for architectural finishing and coverings, both for outdoor and interior design. The enterprise works directly with producers of these materials, who offer a huge collection range with many colours and finishings. All that has involved the need of creating  a website which supported the business network for showing their products and all the possible applications, characterised by a structure and SEO optimisation. In this way all those who want to reach the site through search engines will be able to find it.

Tecknoimport: Drupal website development Alt Alt


Tecknoimport needed to transmit many information through the website: from the description of the brands and the features of the single items, to the field of application of each product. Users can filter the vast product catalog using dynamic filters.

Tecknoimport: Drupal website development


Due to the great amount of application images, we have structured the "application field" pages using the “isotopic” filters and visualizations controls, replacing textual filters with original and creative images representing the linked products. In this way users can intuitively access all the realizations for each application of every product.


Tecknoimport: Drupal website development



Finally, staying consistent to the others functionalities of the website, we have set a “masonry” visualization for “Colours” pages of different products. Moreover, the images of the colours can be slightly broaden with a zoom-in by mouse hover. Thanks to that, the user will be able to see in detail the various type of colours and the composition of the material.



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