The Studio Rolla website .

For thirty years Studio Rolla has been among the key players in the great urban transformations that have shaped the city of Turin. An architecture and urban planning firm that, by leveraging on a large team of architects with different expertises, can handle projects of different scale and nature.

A wealth of content that had to emerge and be enhanced through a well structured website full of iconic images.

Our team has redesigned and developed the new Studio Rolla web site powered by the Drupal CMS. The sites presents a vast showcase of projects carried out by the firm in recent years, represented by high-quality pictures.

Responsive and SEO-optimized, the website contributes to enhance the visibility of the brand on search engines and to valorize the know-how of the firm.

Screenshot of the Studio Rolla website home page
Screenshot of the Studio Rolla website page "The firm"
Screenshot of the Studio Rolla projects page

The portfolio of our projects

Listening to your needs is the first step to understand a project. The second one? Working together to shape it. Discover our works.

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