Noleggi Sport .

NoleggiSport is a service accessible via browser from PC and tablet addressed to sports shops that rent sport articles, in particular skis and snowboards, which allows you to manage your rentals in a simple and safe way. Suitable for rentals of seasonal or long-term sports equipment, as well as rentals of a few days or hours.

You will never have again an item rented and not returned on time: the system will automatically send emails to customers as the expiration date approaches, as a reminder not to forget to return the equipment, and will send email reminders to those who are behind the deadline.

NoleggiSport: finally an intelligent solution to help you manage your rentals. Up to 50 rentals are completely free.

  • Keep under control the personal data of your customers 
  • Automatic sending of return reminders
  • Automatic reminder for expired rentals
  • Grow your customer database over time
  • Management of advances, balances, turnover
  • Analytical statistics available to the shopkeeper

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