New website + eCommerce Jolly Sport .

Jolly Sport, the landmark sport store of Turin for over 35 years, has chosen ARCHIbuzz for the design and development of its new eCommerce platform.

Thousands of product pages, news, images and categories have been migrated from the previous platform Wordpress to a Drupal 7 + Drupal Commerce one, thanks to automatic import procedures created ad-hoc that would allow you to remap the contents of a new structure more rational and flexible, creating automatically redirects from the previous to the new URL for SEO optimization.

The full-text search with auto-completion and navigation through facets, as well as the responsive layout of every page, are a key component of the platform for an optimized navigation of the site on any device.

This project has allowed us to bring out the true potential of Drupal Commerce: the perfect synthesis of eCommerce, content and community. Indeed Jolly Sport is also an authoritative and updated source of sports news: events, competitions, product previews, latest news, tips and tutorials. The page of each sports show news, events and products related to the sport, creating information and aggregation. People who visit the website can subscribe to newsletter dedicated to a particular sport they’re interested in, remaining always informed about what is happening in Turin about that discipline.

Homepage per Jolly Sport Archibuzz
Pagina abbigliamento per Jolly Sport Archibuzz
Pagina golf per Jolly Sport Archibuzz
 Pagina news per Jolly Sport Archibuzz
Menu sport per Jolly Sport Archibuzz
Pagina contatti per Jolly Sport Archibuzz

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