New website development in Wordpress for Holding 18 .

In recent months we have been involved in the development of the new website of Holding 18, a company that operates in the construction sector specialized in the recovery and redevelopment of the existing architectural heritage.


The company is responsible for designing and implementing prestigious real estate solutions, using a multidisciplinary team of professionals in the sector.

The company turned to our team of experts for the development of a website in Wordpress, which could enhance the projects through a clean and elegant concept.

 The site is mainly aimed at three targets: who is interested in buying real estate, who is willing to sell and who wants to start a restructuring project; web design side, we thought of giving visibility within the Home to the three main services offered by the company, so as to make immediately clear and usable information depending on the target audience.

During the development phase, particular attention was paid to the realization of the structure of the single project, and to the visualizations of the same within the site.

The display at Mansory on the homepage and on the Projects page makes it possible to see at a glance the proposals in evidence.

A map display has also been integrated, with the use of a plugin that shows, through custom pins, the position of the projects so that you can view the one of interest according to the area.

Also important was the integration of a plugin that would allow Holding 18 to create a mailing list of contacts to send newsletters to users interested in downloading project brochures.

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