New eCommerce site for household and leisure products .

New eCommerce site for household and leisure products

We are pleased to present you the new Kawin: eCommerce website, specialized in household, sport and leisure products.

The layout has been designed (obviously) to be responsive, for a comfortable and pleasant shopping experience even through smartphones and tablets. The home page has a block that, by means of representative images, allows an immediate access to the product categories that need to be highlighted. By alternating single and double pictures sizes, depending on the position of a specific category, we optimized the usage of space in the home page from a certain screen width upwards.

The choice of which categories among all those present should be shown on the home page, and their arrangement, can be varied by the site administrators via a drag & drop control.

The system also allows administrators to manage the product variations (color, size, watts, etc.) facilitating the management of products by the site administrators and the end user shopping experience.

The calculation of shipping costs is done automatically based on the weight of the products in the cart, and provides real-time information on the expected delivery date. Administrators are allowed to define different price lists that are applied to users based on their role.

Great attention was paid to SEO: firstly, having redesigned from scratch a site that has been in production for many years, it was important to migrate the old URLs to the new platform by setting appropriate redirects. Furthermore, the integration with Google Tag Manager gives a more accurate tracking of user actions and makes marketing efforts more effective. The Microdata metadata type enrich each page with structured information that improve the indexing by search engines.

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