Metropolitan City of Venice: the new website of the capital of Veneto .

"The lagoon is an ancient work of nature (...). Thus, human art took possession of the most eminent points, and Venice was born, connecting a hundred islands within itself and surrounded by a hundred others".

J. W. Goethe

The Metropolitan City of Venice is a complex entity rich in history, where several factors intersect, giving rise to an extraordinary and unique ecosystem.
The former territory of the Serenissima counts 44 municipalities and almost a million inhabitants, embracing the Mediterranean's largest lagoon, a World Heritage Site since 1987: an unicum from a historical and naturalistic point of view that finds in the new website a point of reference and a place for exchange and comparison.

The previous portal of the Metropolitan City of Venice contained tens of thousands of contents, of dozens of different types, organized in hundreds of categories, and it was developed on Drupal 7, a CMS close to the end of life (November 2023). The institution therefore needed to upgrade from Drupal 7 to Drupal 9, and with the occasion, it intended to redesign the User Interface so that it could be conformed to the standards of the Italian Public Administration, and the fruition of the content could result intuitive and fulfilling experience for its visitors.
Thanks to fruitful teamwork with the representatives of the Metropolitan City of Venice’s  project, our UX/UI design team was then responsible for the reorganization of the information architecture, menu items and user paths.
To determine the relevance and importance of the elements, it was necessary to analyze the content of the previous site in order to make the navigation and findability of information as simple and consistent as possible. As for the URLs, these were rewritten in keeping with the new hierarchical structure, which allowed for neat breadcrumbs to help the user understand where they are in the site and easily return to previous items.

In addition, a great deal of work has been done to import every page of the old website, readjusting it to the new user interface, in compliance with AgID guidelines. These concern not only the type of content that must be easily findable, but also the design, development and maintenance of websites and digital services of the Public Administration, so that they are consistent with each other and, above all, oriented toward the individual, with a focus on usability, reliability, transparency and security.

Once the graphic design of the platform was completed, our developers took care of the theming and web development part and then the migration of several tens of thousands of pages (various content types and taxonomies) from Drupal 7 to Drupal 9. 

Finally, the integration with the LDAP server of the Metropolitan City of Venice was realized, so that the entity's staff could directly access the platform.

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