Restyling and multi-country website development for Roofingreen .

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Roofingreen is a company that offers a green modular system, technologically advanced and attentive to the environmental and economic sustainability of contemporary architecture. For years, our web agency has been collaborating with this enterprise, born in Turin, supporting it through web marketing strategies and in its communicative evolution. The new version of the website went online at the end of 2020, and its development is the result of a teamwork aimed to explain and to make the product range, the philosophy behind the project and the many facets of this revolutionary system of coating.

Roofingreen sells its products worldwide through a dense commercial network, hence the need to create a multi country site.

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Creation of a multi country website: benefits and features

multi country site is aimed at a specific market/nation and is translated into different languages, to give the target the possibility to view the same content in the language they prefer.

For example, this feature is used in some regions such as Switzerland where three languages are spoken (Italian, French and German), or in Canada where two languages are spoken (English and French). The user can choose, depending on his origin’s country, which language to use to view the contents of the site.

A multi country website is a platform translated into different languages, customized to make the user experience complete and intuitive.

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Thanks to the tools provided by Drupal for the creation of websites, the user will be automatically redirected to the country / language they belong to. The redirect takes place according to some criteria, such as: browser language, the country you're connected to (via IP address) or preferences on the language of the registered user.

Furthermore, the multi country site gives the possibility to differentiate the types of content, in this case products or creations, to make them available in some countries rather than others.
That is because when selling products worldwide, Roofingreen needs to display the contents available for a specific country, which may be different from another.

Lastly, we have integrated additional features so that each country can be managed by a specific manager. This means that, through its specific role, it will be able to autonomously convey communications related to its market and personalize its contents under the supervision of the head office..

Not only that, the person responsible for the country will also translate the contents for his own country, taking as reference, for example, articles and creations originally uploaded by the customer in the native language of the site (Italian).

Modern and intuitive user experience

When realizing the new Roofingreen website we used different dynamic effects and transitions, which make the user experience more intuitive and smooth.

Overlay effects were used on the creations to give greater prominence to the images, dynamic "anchor" menus fixed at the top help you navigate quickly between the various sections of the content without getting lost in the scroll of the page, sections with parallax backgrounds and many others.

All these improvements and optimizations to the user experience, significantly improve navigation while maintaining a modern and updated soul to the site's graphics.

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