The new Fitness Trend website: the italian fitness web portal .

Fitness Trend, the historic editorial portal of Editrice Il Campo, dedicated to issues related to the management and marketing of fitness-wellness clubs and sports centers, is now online on CMS Drupal 7 with a new responsive layout and a new graphic design.

Fitness Trend provides a comprehensive media coverage on the Italian and international fitness world.

The layout is based on a responsive Bootstrap theme, custom designed for Fitness Trend. Particular care has been taken in migrating the portal's 10-year history from the original platform to Drupal, ensuring the correct redirect of the URLs of each content, category, image and file to the new SEO-friendly URL scheme and avoiding 404 Not Found errors.

To allow visitors to easily find content of interest, a rational taxonomy scheme was designed, and full-text autocomplete search and faceted navigation tools have been integrated into the web site.

Editors have the choice to either publish unrestricted articles or articles made by a public teaser and require a free user registration to be read in full.

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