Development of a mobile app dedicated to tennis .

Tennis Planner is an application that was created to manage and optimize the activities of tennis clubs and their members in a revolutionary way. The development of this mobile app has been extremely inspiring and creative for our team. This is because it allowed us to give shape to an innovative project born from the strategic vision of our two clients, professionals in the tennis world, who have devised a revolutionary system for the management of all tennis schools, of any size.

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Those who work in the sport sector and manage its activities on a daily basis are able to understand what are the critical issues to be solved and the operating methods that could be simplified and improved in favor of a more efficient work management and, therefore, an improved user experience.
This was the main goal of our web agency: to develop a system that would respond promptly to the problems encountered by those who deal with the management of this important sport on a daily basis.

The project began with the study of the naming, logo and brand identity of this new, unique concept. A logo with lively and energetic shades, which recalled the idea of ​​movement and dynamism of the sport on which the project is based.

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We defined the functionality of the app together with the customer, starting from the requirements collected also through questionnaires aimed at users, trying to respond promptly to the needs that emerged and agreeing improvements and new features together with the clients. A work of UX / UI design followed, which allowed to arrive at the best possible user experience: easy, intuitive and fast for all the stakeholders of the project.

For the realization of the back-end we used Drupal 9, an extremely customizable Content Management System, and at the same time an integration framework that exposes all the platform services to mobile apps via REST API. The same was true for the development of the Mobile App, for which the React Native framework was used.

The system provides for different types of users: administrators, platform managers, school managers and pupils (or parents, in the case of minors). Administrators and school managers use the service by connecting to the back-end via a web browser, while students interact with the school by exploiting the potential of the application. The system has been designed to be fully customizable for tennis schools. For example, a school can set its own logo and name, choose a graphic theme for the app, and set up its contacts, hours, services offered, payment methods and much more. You can receive and organize registrations and send informative and promotional newsletters to students.

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Students (or parents who take their place) can enroll in the tennis school using the app without having to go to the site, with a simple and intuitive procedure, skipping queues and avoiding crowds. They can also receive periodic newsletters and notices from schools regarding certifications, documents and deadlines. The app also allows you to report an absence and retrieve the lesson through an innovative token system, for the mutual satisfaction of the school and students.

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