In Caravan Club: website development in Drupal 8 .

The site of In Caravan Club was built using the CMS Drupal 8 with the help of the famous graphic framework Bootstrap 3. We decided to use this modern and performing tool to integrate into the system many customized and developed features on request. The site has been designed to make intuitive and user friendly the many content present there, all optimized and responsive to major mobile devices.Alt


There are many contents that populate the portal, from galleries to travel stories, from technical news to organized events, from discussion forums to club outings with members. To provide a pleasant user experience while browsing and searching for content, we have grouped all the main pages of the site in the main menu, with all the relative sub-items, to make everything at a click or "tap" when related to mobile browsing.

The site in Drupal 8 was designed to be used as a tool for discussion, organization and multimedia sharing between members of the club, which through user-friendly tools can carry out operations of various kinds, such as uploading photo galleries or travel reports.

An important part of the site is represented by the discussion forum,  entirely managed and moderated by the directors and the management of the club. The forum is divided into sections that will be visible only by users who will have a specific assigned role, such as "member", "authenticated user", and "staff".

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The site in Drupal 8 of In Caravan allows you to join the club by filling in the fields of the custom webform, created on request.

Registered members can also join the club outputs or events: the outputs have a maximum number of participations, the member and administrators of the site can always see the entries of the outputs, and will finally see the logistical information that can be viewed in a special table, such as departure city, days of stay etc.

Finally, the club members will always be able to browse and view contents related to the exits and the world of the caravan, such as videos, news, image gallery, events; in addition to find useful information on the world of the caravan in the FAQ section, in the appropriate sections of the forum and in the official magazine of the club, downloadable as PDF.

You can also view information about the club, such as the rules for exits, the membership guide, the membership list, the board and the club directors.

We are very satisfied with the work, designed and carried forward together with the President of the Club, confident that this new tool will help to retain current members and attract other people interested in the world of caravans to share content and moments with the passion that unites all forum users: the Caravaning.

If you are looking for a content management system that can provide you with customized, advanced and reliable solutions, get in touch with us: we will provide all our experience and expertise in the CMS Drupal 8 to give life to your project!



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