Brichome: eCommerce site redesign and optimization .


Brichome is a leading store in Piedmont for bricolage and DIY (do-it-yourself) lovers. During the last few years the company has opened its online sales business using an eCommerce website built with Wordpress / WooCommerce. Brichome has turned to Archibuzz's e-Commerce development services, to optimize the user interface and other technical aspects of the portal, with the aim of making the shopping experience on its website easier and more enjoyable.





Brichome is a successful business since over 50 years. Its huge store in Nizza Monferrato stands out for its extensive product range that can satisfy the needs of a wide customer base: from professionals looking for the best performing tools for their work, to hobbyists and families looking for products to furnish and make their house and the garden more efficient.


Our web development experts has replaced the previous theme of the Wordpress website with a brand new one, optimizing it for WooCommerce. Then they have efficiently tailored the home page, category and product pages preserving the integration functionality with the store management system and with the virtual stores on the main online marketplaces.  

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Moreover, an additional integration with the popular "MyBank" online payment system was made to extend the range of payment methods thus increasing the number of tools that users can employ for making fast and safe purchases.

Finally, a new category structure and display areas were designed to better highlight featured products, products on sale and specific product categories.


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