Ux design: the six phases of planning

Ux design: the six phases of planning

It is a complex process to create an effective and innovative user experience, so several factors come into play, here are the ones.

The Ux design process is essential to be able to create a good usability experience that will satisfy customers and stimulate user navigation.

Our team, to obtain positive results, follows a well conceived and executed process, developed in 6 working phases:

Product definition

First we define the product by a careful analysis of the client and his needs in order to clarify the values ​​and the mission of the client's company.


Then we focus on the research of the users and of the market that can host the product. Through the study of competitors, detailed interviews with potential customers and surveys, we obtain qualitative data about the desires, motivations and fears of those who will be the users of the product.


After the research there is a phase of analysis of the collected data. The focus of our Ux design team, in this case, is based on finding out “what” users need and “why” they think they need it. Ideal customer profiles are shaped, their scenarios and the user experience of the digital service is mapped out.

Planning and design

The planning takes place through the drafting of the flow chart and the creation of prototypes able to clarify the site map, the user flow and to bring out the identity of the product through the choice of palettes, fonts and icons.

Validation and testing

Once the high fidelity prototype is finished, we proceed with the validation of the functionalities through a series of tests aimed at specific users and / or the internal work team, in order to find and solve the main problems before launch.


The re-analysis phase allows you to ask questions about the finished product and to acquire useful knowledge for the future.

Following these steps, our Ux design team aims to create a product able to satisfy all user and customer needs in a functional way. Do you have a platform that does not fulfill all your requests? Would you like the user to remain browsing your website and do not know how to do it? Trust us, contact us !



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