Some tools suggested by our UI / UX design team to work remotely

Some tools suggested by our UI / UX design team to work remotely

Want to improve efficiency remotely? With the right tools you can. Here are our UI / UX design experts' favorite tools.

As many people have observed, working remotely can hide pitfalls sometimes, which is why our UI / UX design team has been equipped to deal the emergency in the last period. For managing better single activities some platforms come into play that “workers” can also use to communicate with clients in an effective way.

In this sense, an interesting tool is Miro, a platform for collaborative work that makes the sense of the “whiteboard” on which writing and sharing notes, facilitating who works in smart working.  

This tool is useful and functional for the AGILE method, a work system that is based on collaboration between web agency and client, thanks to which it’s possible to follow phases and iteration processes, until the final product. Miro allows free form discussions and can be integrated with other softwares to manage tasks and divide the activities.

Stickies, squares that resemble to post-it and are different for text, color and tag, can be inserted in the workspace. Another interesting feature is about wireframes (block diagrams that represent the basic structure of a website), which are useful to make time shorter and immediately concretize ideas.

Being a very “visual” platform, during time it was useful especially to our UI / UX design team, who has often used it to have direct contact with clients

Another tool we use when dealing with web design is InVision, an effective tool for interfaces design and prototyping. This platform allows you to quickly test the user experience, optimizing the web design and app design process.

One of its most useful features is definitely the possibility to leave comments and feedback for every screen, at the exact point where you want to make the change. InVison was born as a collaborative tool, thanks to which teams manage coordination with clients, exchanging comments and proposing new solutions directly on mockup.


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