Development of the new e-commerce in Turin for online shopping: Streetmarket360

We are pleased to introduce you to the latest Archibuzz: Streetmarket360. The development of this e-commerce in Turin will revolutionize the way you shop online. With Streetmarket360 it will be possible to buy online the products of the counters of the markets of Turin, through a state-of-the-art shopping experience: a virtual market, which will allow the user to walk among the counters just as if he were there, thanks to 360° image technology.

The aim of the initiative is to offer a new and unique way to shop online, and the possibility of accessing the products of one of the oldest and most popular Italian excellences: the local markets one.


The e-commerce development project in Turin was born from the collaboration of Archibuzz with two other Turin companies that operate in the Web/ICT/Digital sectors: Cedeo Sas and Synesthesia Srl; is co-financed under the POR FESR 2014-2020 of Piedmont and is implemented with the aid of resources from the European Regional Development Fund (FERS), the Italian State and the Piedmont Region, from the city of Turin, with the ambition to expand to the main Italian cities..

Streetmarket360 is based on a dedicated marketplace, in which to publish and update, in a semi-automatic way, the agri-food products and their selling prices; an "immersive" e-commerce of Turin, completely similar to the physical one, in which the user can "explore the market", taken with photos to 360°, to inspect and compare the products and buy them from multiple desks. Finally, a local distribution system delivers orders in the time slot specified by the buyer and also provides for the mode of collection at locations affiliated and located in the city.


The decision to involve the local markets, starting from the market of Santa Rita in Turin, comes first and foremost from the opportunity to offer products always fresh and of undisputed quality, but also from the finding that the sale in public areas, that represents 10% of an Italian sector that in 2017 reached 137 billion of euros in turnover, has not yet looked at the online sales activities Foods&Grocieries, which in the same year have produced a 37% growth compared to 2016, to the value of 812 million of euros.

The e-commerce development project in Turin, Streetmarket360, wants to leverage operators already present in the market, without the intention to shorten the value chain or damage existing positions. The purpose of the project is, indeed, to enhance the ability to reach new customers in ways that are increasingly attractive and in step with the times. The service also wants to be placed on the market as an environment-friendly solution, through collaborations with shipping companies that use vehicles with zero impact for deliveries, such as bicycles, tricycles and electric cars.

Among the main partners of the project are also mentioned the Italian Federation of Sellers Public Areas (FIVA) Confcommercio, fundamental in the involvement of sellers and institutions, in the collection of requirements and in the contribution to the optimization of the components of the e-Commerce development in the cycle of work of the operators. Also, it is important to mention the Mercato di Santa Rita Association, And, moreover, the nine merchants who were the first to enthusiastically join the experimentation of the service, that will take place from the second half of November 2018 until Christmas.

Do you want to know which desks you can shop from? Discover the banks of the market of Santa Rita on Streetmarket360. Visit page, subscribe to the newsletter and follow the social accounts of the project to stay up to date on all the news of the Turin e-commerce development.