SEO consulting: how to delete referral spam on Google Analytics - second part

SEO consulting: how to delete referral spam on Google Analytics - second part

Do you remember our previous article about SEO consulting that talked about getting rid of referral spam in Google Analytics? We proposed a solution that still remains valid. But if you want another one, even faster and more effective, here it is!

Google Analytics Referral Spam Killer, which in a few clicks allows you to clean the spam already present in the referral, not only in the future but also in your past metrics.


Home page del tool Google Analytics Referral Spam Killer


The method explained in the previous article about SEO consulting provided for the addition of filters one at a time. In this case we are talking about a much faster method, which in just 3 clicks applies all available filters. 

How does it?

This tool applies a filter based on a list of usual spam bots. Once activated, the filters eliminate all the spam bots present in the list, cleaning up the views of your account. At the end of the operation, if not cleared all the spam referrals you can contact the developers of the tool directly and submit them the domains to add to their black list.

Funzionamento di Google Analytics Referral Spam Killer


  1. Go to page
  2. Click SELECT GOOGLE ANALYTICS ACCOUNTS and allow access.
  3. Select the account you want to clean and then click APPLY FILTERS


That’s it! From now on, spam will no longer be counted in your metrics.


But what if we also want to clean up past Google Analytics metrics? With the method explained in the old article about SEO consulting there was nothing to do, but with this system you can also get this.


  1. Once the process is finished, go to your Analytics account and click on:
    All traffic->Source/Medium->All sessions.
  2. Select Google Analytics Referral Spam Killer and then click APPLY.


Google Analytics How to clean old spam


And spam will also be permanently removed on past data.

This tool seemed to us a much faster and more effective way to eliminate spam from your Analytics data than the previous one.

If you have any doubts about how best to use Google Analytics and Google Search Console contact us now for SEO consulting!


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