How to remove Google Analytics from your WordPress site

How to remove Google Analytics from your WordPress site?

Do you have a WordPress site and would like to remove Google Analytics? Read our guide to understand how to do it.

You consulted our guide and discovered that your WordPress site is linked to Google Analytics? Don't worry, here are the instructions to drop it and make your website compliant.

Step 1 - Remove Analytics 

There are several ways to proceed. Let's look at the two main ones together. 

Method 1: Plug in 

1. Log in to the website;

2. In the column on your left, click on Plugins;

3. A screen similar to the one in this image will open. In the search bar at the top right, start typing Analytics. If the plugin is present, then the GA Google Analytics entry should appear. If it is not present, stop reading: Google Analytics was not installed this way;

4. Did you find the GA Google Analytics plug-in? Good, select it and click on Deactivate;

5.  After clicking on Deactivate, click on Delete and give confirmation;

6. Clear the site's cache;

7. Follow the procedure outlined above (Inspect - Application - Cookies) and check if Google Analytics cookies (which are the ones beginning with _ga_) are present;

8. Update the Privacy & Cookie Policy. We’ll see together how to do this in the paragraph STEP 2 - Update the Privacy & Cookie Policy of your WordPress site.

Method 2: GDPR Cookie Consent

1. Log in to the backend of your site;

2. In the left-hand menu, click on GDPR Cookie Consent and then on Cookie Category;

3. On the right side of the screen, you should find Technical and anonymized analytics: select it and click on Edit;