What does professional SEO consulting consist of? The first steps

From the analysis of market trends and competitors, up to the optimization on-page, here is a list of preliminary operations to be carried out during SEO consulting.

When you turn to a professional for SEO consulting you need to have clear goals that you can expect: through SEO (Search Engine Optimization) it is indeed possible to increase qualified organic traffic to a website and to obtain new conversions accordingly.

Generally the parameters that an SEO expert analyzes before developing a strategy tailored to your business are the following:

  • State of the market (traffic volumes) 
  • State of competition
  • State of optimization of the site

SEO is in fact conditioned by many variables, from trends on the Web, the actions of competitors, Google’s algorithms, the state of health of the site involved within the project.


State of the market

During SEO consulting, an initial analysis of market trends is essential to obtain a first overview of the trend of research volumes in a given sector.

The data collected will be useful in the choice of the most relevant keyword compared to your site: starting from the keywords we will proceed with the SEO optimization of the contents (texts, meta tags, articles, etc.). 


State of competition

One of the first activities envisaged by SEO consulting is definitely a benchmarking analysis.

Defining who are the players for a given market segment and determining direct and indirect competitors is a good move to set up an effective strategy.

A careful eye towards the activities of "opponents" can also help to determine which keyword can be more interesting for your business.

State of the site’s optimization

When you start a SEO project, you must also take into account the hierarchical organization of the pages of a website and user experience, important parameters for a precise and timely evaluation.

In addition to these preliminary operations, during SEO consulting, it is important to understand what could be the "on page" optimizations to do to make the site more performing and user friendly.

To monitor the presence of a site within the Google Search network you can use the Search Console. The tool allows to detect indexing errors and provides traffic data, useful for SEO optimization.

In addition to the solution provided by Google, you can use various tools dedicated to specialists in web marketing and developers to resolve errors and improve the ranking of sites.

One of the professional suites that we use the most is definitely Semrush, which we talked about in a previous news, among the most complete and feature-rich platforms. Using Site Audit, Semrush tool, an SEO expert is able to quickly understand what are the critical issues, from its structure and the speed of page loading (crawlability), to indexing, up to rankability, which will monitor over time through the function Position tracking, which reports the progress of keywords.

Would you like to improve the positioning of your website on search engines? Contact us, our web marketing experts will assist you with SEO consulting tailored to your goals and business needs.