Instagram, latest trends and updates: all you need to know

Instagram, latest trends and updates: all you need to know

Those who work in social media marketing probably know that, during these days, a new experiment is underway on Instagram; let's see in detail what it is.

The social network is testing a new way of showing  the content posted by users. The main feed shows images and videos in full screen - a layout that reminds of the one TikTok has.
The scrolling of the feed contents also changes, becoming similar to the reels’ section one, where the videos are shown in full screen one after the other. A useful trick to increase user engagement on individual posts.
At the moment, the update is only available to some users: it is not yet known whether this new design will become the official one. Everything will depend on the evaluations of the users involved in the test, and on the increase or decrease in the interaction time with the app.

What is the main goal of this experiment?

Why should one of the most used social networks in the world introduce such an important change? Let's leave the word to the data.
Last year, Instagram counted an average of 1.39 billion monthly users.
But there is another social network that has at least 1 billion monthly active users, and that is TikTok.
Used for 60% by people between the ages of 18 and 34, it is becoming increasingly popular and useful in social media marketing strategies.
For this reason, Instagram wants to revolutionize its interface by putting video content at the center of attention.
It’s not easy to win the users’ attention, but statistics speak for themselves.
The time spent on TikTok is constantly increasing: users spend an average of 20 hours per month on the platform, more than the Instagram average.

How to take advantage of the new update for your communication?

This is the right time to change your strategy.
Instagram demands us this because, after all, it is the users who ask for it.
Here are some small tips to help you survive in this ever-changing social world:

  • Publish more videos and reels: your social media marketing strategy must keep up with the new trends in the sector!

  • Post images in 9:16 format - alternatively, insert them within a frame in 9:16 and change the background by choosing the color that best suits the image;

  • Pay attention to captions: you need to choose a short opening sentence. It will be the only part of the entire copy that users will automatically view! 

  • Insert many hashtags, so the posts can appear more easily among the suggestions in the feeds of those who are not yet followers.


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