Google Analytics 4: contact our consultants to not miss important data

Google Analytics 4: contact our consultants to not miss important data

Those who use their website as the core of their business know very well how important it is to analyze the behavior of the users who browse the platform. Among the various analysis tools offered by the market, the web Analytics service provided by Google is certainly one of the most strategic. Anyone operating on the web, sooner or later, has to deal with this tool.

Starting from 1st July 2023, the standard Universal Analytics properties will stop processing new hits (a set of data relating to a specific type of interaction that the user makes on a site) because they will be replaced by Google Analytics 4. The support of our consultants can allow you to make the change of ownership without losing important data.

We recommend that you request completion of the procedure as soon as possible. From the date indicated above, you will still be able to access the data previously processed on Universal Analytics. However, after a certain period (estimated by Google around six months), the properties will no longer be available. This means that the data will no longer be viewable unless you have previously exported it.

If your property was created before 14th October 2020, you are likely still using Universal Analytics. Switch to its upgrade to start getting familiar with the new update and ensure a good continuity to your data.

What is Google Analytics for?

Let's start from the basics: let's explain why it is important to use Google Analytics before talking about the service provided by our consultants. 

Analytics helps you find the best solution to increase user conversions. In fact, you can find out what works and what doesn't, what can be improved and what is best to discard in your digital marketing strategy based on the data collected on the platform.

It can also be linked to your Google ADS account to analyze online campaigns. In this way, you can view ad and site performance data in Google ADS reports in Analytics. Here is what you can also do:

  • you can improve ADS remarketing;
  • view more comprehensive data in Analytics Multi-Channel Funnels reports;
  • import useful Analytics metrics (Bounce Rate, Average Session Duration, Pages / Session, etc.);

Universal Analytics VS Google Analytics 4 

The new GA4, released by Google on 14th October 2020, has been designed to offer greater flexibility in tracking user actions on websites and apps.

Let's find out what Google Analytics 4 consists of, and what are the advantages for you if you request a consultant to complete the change of ownership.

The main advantages of the update

  • greater protection of privacy;
  • use of machine learning to view insights into the customer journey;
  • ability to analyze user activities on multiple platforms and devices;
  • optimizing the performance of Google Ads campaigns.

And that's not all.

App + Web, audiences, Machine learning

The integration between App and Web is one of the fundamental differences between UA and GA4, together with the new preconfigured audiences based on machine learning and AI activity.

Machine learning has been enhanced to compensate for data loss due to users denying consent to tracking cookies. The aim is to provide automatic insights starting from the data available on user behavior.

Data-Model based on events

In addition, compared to Universal Analytics, the approach of GA4 to the Data Model is based entirely on events (and no longer on sessions and user information). They are able to better specify the action performed by the user and the context in which it occurs.

The data is stored based on the different interactions of the users and the steps towards conversion (and therefore, the behaviors) become more important than the users themselves. This new allows for greater flexibility and adaptability, faster times and even more personalized calculations.

Our consultancy on Google Analytics

You won't have to worry about a thing - you can continue to use the new generation of Google Analytics for your measurement needs. We will take care of the transfer of your property.

What are we going to do? We create a new GA4 property capable of collecting data together with the existing one of UA. As long as the UA properties are available (their final disposal date has not been decided yet), you will be able to access them at any time. Universal Analytics, however, will no longer be able to process new data from 1st July 2023; this activity can only be done on Google Analytics 4.

Very soon, the entire Google tracking system will be based on Google Analytics 4.

Our advice is to make the switch to the new ownership immediately, to start familiarizing yourself with the new tracking and reporting system.

Are you looking for someone who can help you with the change of ownership? We are here for you. Thanks to our team of consultants you will finally be able to access the universe of Google Analytics 4. Contact us to find out more!