Sviluppo di siti in Drupal 8.0: we #celebr8d8

Drupal 8.0: we #celebr8d8

Here we are, after the long-awaited release candidate of October 7, the first official version finally came out. Drupal 8.0 is reality! Communities around the world have organized to celebrate this event. For the occasion, the official hashtag #celebr8d8 was launched! If you are curious to discover all the events and parties in the world, take a look at:

Drupical Drupal 8 Release Party

Also our team is ready to party! : )

Celebr8d8 Drupal 8 Release archibuzz team

Today we are all excited for this great event, but it remains to investigate what is going to change from the previous version. What we already know is that Drupal 8 was built on the Symfony framework; that itself is already a big difference compared to version 7.
The other improvements to highlight are:

  • a new graphical interface
  • the evolution of multilingual support
  • mobile interface support
  • the ability to edit content in visual mode

The unknown aspects focus mainly on the update issue: in which cases is it convenient to update a site from version 7.0 to 8.0? When could this lead to malfunctions? Which modules have been updated to work on version 8? Which modules have been integrated directly into the new framework?

There is still much to explore, but do not worry! In the coming months we will update and guide you step by step as we explore this new world. Until then, stay tuned on the magical frequencies of Archibuzz and join us on this celebration day!
Let’s get this party started!