Which is the difference between UX design and UI design?

Which is the difference between UX design and UI design?

Ux design and UI design: two essential elements for the success of an online user experience. Let’s find out together what they are and in what they differ.

It’s not always easy to make a user-proof website or app mobile. An interface that is not easily navigable and well structured by the UI/UX design side risks creating more frustrations than conversions. The truth is that if a website or an app works, no one notices it, and when they don't, everybody notices it.

So how can we design a really effective online platform? Speaking of  web design, words such as UX and UI are often quoted as if they were synonymous with each other; in fact, they are two complementary disciplines but operating in different fields, and both are necessary to make the user experience the best possible.


UX design


It means User Experience Design. The user experience takes place every time a person uses a product, not necessarily digital.

Donald Norman (cognitive psychologist and inventor of the expression UX Design), explains it with an example about doors, the Norman Doors: if a person is in front of a door that says "Pull" and instead of pulling he pushes it, then that door was not a good use experience. The same thing can happen using a website or mobile app, and this is where the role of the UX Designer begins. Its task is to study users' problems and find solutions, so as to establish the functionality that the digital product must have. Analyzing the various factors, such as the target needs, competitors and client’s needs, the UX design expert draws the foundations on which graphics and programming will be developed.
The result? An experience that is as usable as possible for the users and that respects their expectations.


UI design


It means User Interface Design. It’s a consequence of the UX and deals with the visual part of a digital product. The UI designer must design an attractive interface in the eyes of users, highlighting the key actions that make up a website. To do this, he must respect the balance between the elements and arrange them according to a hierarchical order, showing up the most fundamental; he must also be careful to use suitable and pleasant fonts and colors, because all these factors affect the user experience.
In fact, the more visually beautiful, clear, well structured and balanced a site or a mobile app is, the faster, more enjoyable and smoother the experience will be.



UX and UI, what is the difference?


As we have already said, the two disciplines are complementary. The UX needs more global expertise on website development, it studies user problems and it designs digital product functions. Then these functions will be visually "concretized" by the UI, which for this reason prefers graphic skills.
To create an optimal site or app, these two disciplines can’t do without each other. In fact, It is useless designing the perfect experience if it’s lacking and chaotic from a visual point of view, as it is useless to design a beautiful site or app if it does not respect the users’ needs and expectations. 

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