Comparing Magento and Drupal Commerce

Comparing Magento and Drupal Commerce

Here a Nick Vahalik's extracts from his article about the compariosn between Magento and Drupal Commerce. It will help you understand the right decision for your business.


Comparing Magento and Drupal Commerce

The question is: Magento or Drupal Commerce?

A lot of ink has been shed for talking about which one of these open-source eCommerce platform, often used in similar ecosystems, is the best.

Nick Vahalik, Technical Sales for Commerce Guys (the company which develops the Drupal Commerce Project) deals with the issue from a different point of view within Drupal community. We propose some extracts from his article that we considered as objectively correct.

The decision is often based on wrong assumptions, due to the fact that the two platforms are almost always valued in terms of single functionalities. The comparison has to be done considering these instruments for what they are: powerful business growth drivers and offshoots of any brands."

Limiting the analysis of these tools to a simple functionality comparison matrix doesn’t help, instead it often brings enterprises on the wrong road. The best attitude consists in deeply understanding the necessities of present and future business, and starting from there, selecting the solution that can realise them in the best way possible.

The most important thing is wondering “do you know what you want and how you want to do it?”.

What’s more important: having a solution with many default functionalities of which just a little subset may be effectively use, or being able to rapidly evolve in response to marketing changes or to competitors?

When you have to choose an eCommerce solution what’s important is looking firstly to the main aspects of you business and then to identify your priorities. In this way any worthless functionality comparisons will be avoided and you could rapidly conclude that among these solutions there’s not the right one for you.

The article ends saying that if the content marketing plays an important role in your strategy of client acquisition and their involvement with your products. If you want to maintain control over how the solution supports the necessities of your business, Drupal + Drupal Commerce is generally the right decision!
For the complete opinion of N.Vahalik, where he compares pros and cons of the platforms Magento and Drupal Commerce, read here!
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