The new eCommerce platform of Sinatra Profumerie .

Sinatra Profumerie, a brand managing 12 perfume stores in northern Italy, and part of the prestigious Ethos Profumerie brand, has chosen ARCHIbuzz for developing its new eCommerce platform.

Leveraging on the power of Drupal Commerce, the website has been first of all designed to be updatable with automatic procedures which were absolutely necessary to manage a large number of products.

In addition to the integration with the company management systems, a number of additional features have been developed which allow store administrators and content editors to upload, publish or update instantly entire collections of products with a minimum effort.

Particular attention has been deserved to develop custom procedures for importing, managing and displaying color and volume product variations, which in some cases reach hundreds of records.

A special area of the website allows users to locate physical stores on an interactive map. Each perfume shop has its own dedicated page with its own contact form.

Home page sito eCommerce Sinatra Profumerie
Vista di prodotti nella home page del sito
Brand, promozioni e collezioni eCommerce
Varianze colore rossetti eCommerce
eCommerce mappa localizzazione punti vendita
Pagina singolo punto vendita form contatto diretto

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